Ukraines Crisis

Nothing has changed but the people of all nations, government has not. Government are in a time lapses, living in the past, seeing no future. Wars are what they think, population control, killing innocent people,justifying it as  an act of kindness. To many people to feed, so they create wars, killing off the weak!! so the strong can live. Ukraine is no different, a puppet government placed by #Nato and the western allies. Petro Poroshenko how was he really elected? Do you really think your votes count?  President Petro Poroshenko is as dirty and corrupt, as his past predecessor, from Money laundering, to  Weapons, Prostitutes and Drugs, you can ask yourself who shot down the MH17 airliner? Who is going to benefit from this terrible tragedy? I do not condone violence with violence, I just want the truth. Governments from parts of the world have something to hide, if we really want the truth, no matter were it leads is it not better for all?

Whistleblowers come forth spilling secrets, that usually end them in prison for a long time, but the results, are long-lasting, devastating to governments, that are trying to see what other countries are doing, instead of just asking, pretty simple way of doing business. Back to Ukraine, the people are in a vise, being squeezed daily by corrupt politicians and law enforcement. Now the Pro-Russians are fighting, not to say I do not blame them, they want an honest government for the people, which you do not have at this point. If I wanted change and really knew what the Pro-Russian Army was about, remember the truth, I would support them,ending the reign of terror by the Present Ukrainian Government. Militias in the area of Donetsk and Luhansk do not have access to such weapons, such as the one that shot down the Ill fated MH17..Ukrainian government is lying, the truth will come out.