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To Teach Hate Is No Different Than Being a Terrorist

Israel is no different from the Hamas, they both teach hate. They both want the destruction of each others country. The hate does not come from the children, but from the parents. Israel has done this to themselves, by greed, thinking they are the chosen people of God. They are not the chosen people, what God would celebrate the killing of people in an area so dense that the world looks the other way. One day the truth will come out, one day the world will have to face the reality that, Israel and Hamas are two of the same breed. Both wants to kill each other, Israel builds on the land that belongs to Palestine. The Hamas fires rockets ending up killing innocent people in their blood lust.

Bothe Israel and the Hamas are guilty of War Crimes, both should be expelled from the land of Israel. Do I have the answer to this complex problem? The answer is No. Israel could stop and do the right thing, stop building lift the embargo, better yet stop being a bully, fueled by the West. Israel teaches its children like the Hamas to hate each other. Start teaching your children to love, have compassion.respect

Children of Israel              


Children of the Hamas

How Did the Hamas Evolve

Did the Israel and the United States trained the Hamas to quell the violence in Palestine, from other factions that were a threat to Israel? I would not be surprised if they did not have a hand in it. I started to dig looking for answers to this question. I was totally amazed in what I found. It seems that the Hamas was formed by Israel, as a balance between the Hamas and the PLO. So with out more wording, I think people can read it for themselves and come up with there on conclusion.

Ron Paul – Israel Created Hamas

Hamas history tied to Israel,By Richard Sale
UPI Terrorism Correspondent


Hamas is a Creation of Mossad

by Hassane Zerouky


Hamas Founded by the Mossad