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Government Lies..

The abuse of power.

America has had it’s share of tragedies, lets just go ahead and get to the meat of the story. When people are elected to office they automatically think they know what is going on. They think they know what is best for the community are for the country, it does not matter. From over bearing tax load placed on the tax payer to corrupt officials. Who’s fault is it? It is our fault, we have become complacent, thinking everything is okay, we now have a person who has our back, wanting what we want. This is were we become really stupid, they have control of our money, our property, our well being. Lets start with property, you forget to pay your taxes, guess what ,you can loose your home for penny’s on the dollar. Eminent Domain. Fifth Amendment provides that the government may only exercise this power if they provide just compensation to the property owners. http://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/eminent_domain . The law enforcement departments, well I think we all have seen Ferguson Missouri ,and the choking of a man in NYC by law enforcement, they have taken a sworn oath to uphold the United States Constitution.

The law enforcement community might have you believe that they have your back in a catastrophic situation, yea right. They will abuse the authority given to them by your local Mayor, Sheriff, maybe the state government depends on the nature of the incident. Personally I think all law enforcement personal should go through a mental evaluation every two years, on top of that they should also, have continual education on local and state laws, mandatory arms training every 6 months. But in reality it is up to all of us to monitor the politicians and the law enforcement personal. Now we have State governments giving local police departments military arms, tactical wear, armored vehicles, they say they need them, I say why?  Why do you think you need all this protection against the American citizen? Your job as law enforcement is to Protect and Serve. If riots occur do you really think all this hardware is going to help? It did not help in Ferguson Missouri, rioting  still occurred alone with looting. It was the store owners who had to protect there on stores, not law enforcement.

Local politicians do not have a the will or the guts to do the right thing ,how about this one. After the age of 60 you do not have to Pay Property tax, your home is just that your home, no Eminent Domain, nothing it is yours. Nope we can not do that, what if we want to put a Freeway, a Parks Bicycle lanes, are even a Casino, hey it happens everyday, what do we do. NOTHING, what can we do, who do we go to, first let me say this, Americans have become to soft, letting others do what they should be doing. We do not monitor our politicians our law enforcement agency’s State Government or even our Federal Government. we are quick to say something when we have a be-heading, a mass shooting, or a bridge collapse. Does it help, is the question, do we really think that what we say has a bearing on what will get done? The politicians will say we do not have the funds, so we are going to have to create another tax, another war, another worthless bill. Yes it takes money, were is it, do you know I do not and neither does the State and Federal Government, no accountability.

The answer is for we as Americans is to get off the couch, start asking gather information, search the internet even attend the worthless meetings that your local government has, knowing they can go behind close doors to do as they wish. It is time for all Americans to start monitoring what is taking place in our community’s and on the state and Federal level. first research your local and state candidate, is he or she who they say they are ? Most people will just Google, you have to go further than that, research is not just Goggling a person go to your local Newspaper ,Library, anywhere you can gather information you will be surprised in what you find, believe me not all politicians are squeaky clean.

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