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The Mena Connection

This is a fascinating subject, that seems to never go away. From the Law Firm In Arkansas to the steps of the Whitehouse, treachery has no boundaries. Mr. Clinton might have been impeached, but he still kept his job. Ask yourself what’s wrong with this picture? Washington D.C. is full of thieves, crooks, rapist, murderers but they seem to get elected in powerful positions. Does America need a repeat of the Clinton, Bush Era?

The Mena Connection


Bill Clinton Murders 




The Truth about the USS Liberty

As I hear his story, my heart trembles at what this and his crew members had to go through, while the American Politicians and Israel tried to cover it up. This saddens me, the truth is far better than the lies over the years that has been told to the American people. I feel let down by the American Government and the government of Israel that they would do such a thing, on top of that try to cover it up. We can thank the news media for this ,they did a fine job blowing smoke up the Americans ass.God Bless each and everyone of them who had to go through this tragedy.